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I Want To Extend You a WARM And SMOKEY Welcome To! Puff Puff Puff! Yeh!

Even Wikipedia Agrees with me. I am their Hero! HA! ..just joking but it’s nice to run with a WINNER! Yeh! Truth Spoken Here! Click Here: All About The History Of Medical Cannabis!

Yeah, I just could not hemp myself.. What? err,, uhh HELP Myself, yeah, that’s it! HA! And now I’m gonna help you too! “Marijuana” and “Smoke” came up on the radar when I was perusing fancy and appealing domain names so I grabbed up and had a friend of mine over at build a NICE site and slapped it on there. You want a killer site for yourself? Click here and get over to You tell David that I sent you over and he’ll make you a NICE, AUTO UPDATING blog site that even a ten thumbed old fart like me can run! YEAH BABY! Do it!

Here ‘Tis! (WHAT’s THIS?! Another Killer Viral Video/News Site all about.. Da SMOKE!? Why YES it IS!). Marijuana Smoke is what it is! Seems we the people have spoken and the “authorities” can’t do F*$&-ALL about it! Well, they ARE, actually! Marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes is being legalized all over the world. You know, it’s only very recently that the overlords have taken our right to self medication away. In lieu of what? Rat poison that the insurance companies gladly cover at $1000 a month?! YEAH, Right!

Truth is, you can set yourself up anytime and just about anyplace and fire up your own little 420 factory! I’ve got all the goods you need on all my WEED sites! So, what are you waiting for? Heh! comes with a real nice twist: Check out the BAD ASS Crypto WEED Coin Ticker Tape right at the top of the page! It’s the joint! NO PUN! Turn OFF any nasty adblocking browser plug-ins you may have installed, buy some cool shit & help a Brother (Me) out! Enjoy your visit too! Check out all the latest Marijuana news, Cannabis tips, 420 products, Medical Marijuana breakthroughs and DA SMOKE! Just COUGH COUGH COUGH and you’ll get off!

Seriously though.. every useless politician and top heavy municipality is watering at the mouth now ’cause the WEED MONSTER brings in BIG jingle. But listen friend: Careful with the revenue officers (cops)! I hear they’re being tough on smoked out drivers in some places out there! Always carry eye drops, breath mints and a foreign driver’s license. YEEEAH BABY! Get hooked up today! HAHAHA! WOO HOO!

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